Why Medicine Doesn’t Want You To Be Healthy

Exposed realism without any germs of the most profound sense of being has driven both the science itself and the whole of humanity to a definitive orderly emergency. Since human well-being worldwide is subordinate to the market, this feature of the crisis is exceptionally self-evident.

Your continuous diseases are profitable for the modern medicine. Healing patients is an exceptionally lucrative business now. This disclosure isn’t only a dream of the individuals who battle for a superior future.

The US National Cancer Institute’s report authoritatively recognises that, amid some last decades, a critical number of individuals who have experienced tumour treatment may have had no infection by any means! A costly therapy with tremendous results which frequently caused substantial growth in healthy individuals.

As of late, the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has discovered that the X-Rays wavelength used to treat breast cancer changes the cells into considerably more risky tumour immature microorganisms which, when processed, will cause 30 times more harm to the patient. The US Government has requested this examination and distributed in an online version of JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association).

According to the World Health Organization, since 2008, cancer caused over 8 million deaths annually worldwide. According to estimations, by 2020 the number of people dying of cancer will increase up to 20 million annually. Just think of it – 20 million deaths every year! Not speaking of figures of those who die of heart attack, stroke, and other disorders. Do you want to be in their number?! Note that an average life length of US doctors, who guard your health, is 57 years. Think of it – 57 years! Does not it alarm you?!

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