Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we often come across:

What is MMHealth?

MMHealth brings together a synthesis of mental, psychological, and physical components combined inseparably to make our body system work without failures. By doing this harmoniously and synchronously, we can enjoy lifelong health and happiness with high energy levels.

Who is the founder of MMHealth?

The MMHealth Academy founder is Michael Admiralsky. Please read the About page to find out why I have created this universal system.

Why should I invest in MMHealth?

From day one of joining the course, your financial investment will work to transform your body and mind; your health, psyche and the inner spiritual world will all be enriched. Your energy levels will be boosted, and you will begin the journey towards looking and feeling as you should. The money that you might have wasted on medications, supplements, beauty and aesthetic treatments will now be used to fund your MMHealth course, thereby saving you thousands of pounds that you would have otherwise wasted.

How is MMHealth different from traditional medicine?

The MMHealth Academy takes an integral approach towards health treatments, recovery and enrichment of your whole being by using only natural products. You will move away from using chemicals, pills and medicines. Traditional medicine very often focuses on the use of chemicals to mask symptoms rather than treating the cause. MMHealth gets to the very root of all health problems. Please check out the comparison page for more differences between NHS.

Many other similar courses claim to restore health but do not produce effective results. How is MMHealth different?

If you examine the MMHealth Formula and charts, you will see the results that I have achieved. In spite of my age, my present level of health is superb. I achieved this, and you can do so too, as long as you are committed to working at it.

Who is the MMHealth Academy suitable for?

If you are ready to assume responsibility for your health, then the MMHealth Academy provides a unique opportunity for you to restore and regain maximum health, originally bestowed on you by nature.

Why is it important to perfect ourselves?

When we are born, nature endows us with many positive qualities, and it is then left up to us to develop and improve them as we grow. Nature does not do this for us. This is the principal rule governing all human beings, and it is our deliberate move towards improvement that enables us to access high energy levels and good health. Natural energy is much more powerful and long-lasting than any artificial highs created by narcotics, alcohol or energising drinks. These may be freely used in the civilised world, but they eventually go on to destroy both the human body and brain. By making use of bio-energetic techniques, you will be able to restore any organ within your body to reach its full potential.

What is the duration of courses?

Course duration depends upon your motivation and abilities. Once you begin to appreciate the positive changes, the process will move much faster.

How can MMHealth help with my specific condition and situation? No two people are alike and my problem requires a special solution!

MMHealth deals with this based upon its first principle which is to establish a path that is bespoke to suit each person. This is created based on your circumstances.

How much time should I need to invest to achieve a positive result?

The MMHealth Academy follows the principle of minimum investment for maximum result.

How soon will I begin to see results?

From the first minute of our meeting, you will begin transforming your disadvantages into advantages. The speed of the transformation rate is up to you.

How do I pay for the MMHealth course?

You can pay via PayPal using your PayPal Account or your Debit or Credit Card. PayPal is secure and offers worldwide services. Find out more about PayPal here: https://www.paypal.com/gb/webapps/mpp/merchant

Where is the MMHealth office located?

Our office is in central London at 140 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4SD, UK.

I cannot find the answer to my question. How can I contact you?

You can contact us via the Contact section on the website, whereby one of my team or I will be pleased to assist you. Later on, we will be establishing a forum section on the site too. If you are signed up for our newsletter, we will let you know via email when it is available.

Still Need Help?

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You can contact us via the Contact page of the website, whereby one of my team or I will be pleased to assist you.

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We will be establishing a forum section on the website soon. If you are signed up for our newsletter, we will let you know via email when it is available.