02 Physical Perfection

It is common knowledge that the vast majority of people today are not physically developed. You can object that physical strength is useless nowadays, big money is made with the power of the mind. However, I’ll try to prove you that the real joy of life is possible only if you possess a healthy body.

A famous doctor said, “When I think of various cases in my thirty years of practice, I can not say I had many visitors who were tired of physical labour. Along with that, I had hundreds of those exhausted mentally; their treatment was difficult and required a lot of time.”

Physical perfection is ideal to that everyone should aspire. During the formation of a harmoniously developed personality, the interaction of physical improvement and the moral and aesthetic education plays an important role. The beauty of the body implies right posture, the gracefulness of movements, harmony, and proper coordination of a person.

MMHealth - Physical Perfection

All these are the qualities to be formed in the process of physical perfection. Sports and physical activity train the desire to be completed (I mentioned above that man is born imperfect and must improve his physical and spiritual development during his life), internally reasonable and coordinated in his movement.

We should always be committed to physical development, if we want to keep correct and continuous movement of our physical mechanism.

MMHealth - physical-perfection

By going in for sports and doing exercises, we subconsciously seek to be aesthetically beautiful. Lack of this motivation would make sports and exercises senseless. Another feature characteristic to physical perfection is a beneficial effect of physical activity on mental abilities.

The world-famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy used to say that the physical work enhances and promotes mental activity. Based on many years of practice, I can say with certainty that a human body is not designed solely for psychological work, but above all for the physical labour of hands and body. We should always be committed to physical development if we want to keep the correct and continuous movement of our physical mechanism. This is the only way to avoid premature ageing and the only way to maintain, strengthen, and develop all parts of our body.

The muscles that are inactive for an extended period lose their lively abilities and wither. This phenomenon, being opposite to development, shows muscle weakness and atrophy. It is mainly observed in people of sedentary professional lifestyle. People of this kind are tired of the slightest movement, while their weak nervous system leads them to rheumatism, stress, and many other diseases.

It is the stress that upsets functioning of internal organs, which can we see as cellulite on a female body. Our body, e.g., through cellulite, gives us signals about our sinful lifestyle. Once changed our lifestyle, we shall see improvement in our condition in a while. This is how our shortcomings become our merits.

MMHealth offers you a complete system to develop your physical perfection. This is gymnastics without weight. You can practice it anywhere.

People committed to the proper development of their body have none of those diseases and problems, because their nervous system, which is the foundation of general health, gains strength, stability, and endurance through this development.

The general strengthening of willpower promotes the development of all parts of our body and enables it to do what would otherwise be difficult, painful, or even impossible. A person becomes independent and full of energy. Awareness of own strength entails self-control and calm state of spirit. Strength creates energy and vitality; it helps to solve the most sophisticated problems and gives real satisfaction and the real joy of life.

I do not think you would accept your weakness and sit idly. MMHealth offers you a complete system to develop your physical perfection. This method is unique and universal. This is a personal experience. This is gymnastics without weight. You can practice it anywhere. First, the emphasis is on understanding; and only then we proceed to do exercises. That understanding is a starting point for our development. The knowledge enables you to control and direct your development by your predestination.

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