01 Nutrition

A Greek philosopher Socrates was asked once, “What is the secret of your good health at such mature age, while many people who are younger than you have lots of diseases?” Socrates answered this pensively, “The thing is, I eat to live, and those people you mentioned live to eat.”

The sage managed to compose in such a short answer the essential purpose of food – it is a resource for development and living a full life. Of course, one can conclude from the saying mentioned above of the great philosopher that in Ancient Greece not everyone and not always kept a healthy diet.

Manufacturers have neglected the health benefit of the product and its biological value. What they range first are low cost of the product, long shelf life, bright colour and taste.

Then, what can we say about our modern times, when the high flourishing of food industry brought forth competitiveness? To win this competitive struggle, manufacturers always have to “improve” marketing characteristics of the food they produce. But most importantly, they have neglected the health benefit of the product and its biological value.


Thus, almost all biologically active components that can hinder long shelf life or that are responsible for not-so-good “marketing characteristics”: smell, colour, taste, body, etc. are now extracted from the original natural product. A “food shell” manufactured this way is an excellent base for giving the end product required characteristics.

Manufacturers give necessary tastes, colour, smell, structure and body to such “modern food products” with the help of “food chemistry”. It contains substances with an aggressive effect on our body – food colours, taste improvers, flavours, that have no natural use whatsoever. It is better to leave chocolate bars with trans fats, mayonnaise, sauces, and fast food on shop shelves, as well: they have nothing to do with healthy eating. As a result of this “ready-made nutrition”, today such severe diseases as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and others have turned into “the epidemics of the 21 century”.

And now a few words about GMO (genetically modified organisms) food. People who eat GMO food face a much higher risk of cancer diseases. A curious effect of GMO food on our organism is that a human body stops giving an adequate response to drugs. In other words, it will be much harder to cure a GMO-consumer of a disease. Genetically modified organisms, as well as the products containing them, provoke skin diseases, allergies, digestion disorders, and various nervous system disorders.

Leave chocolate bars with trans fats, mayonnaise, sauces, and fast food on shop shelves: they have nothing to do with healthy nutrition.

It is very easy to get confused and go the wrong way to be healthy. That is why MMHealth offers you to get fundamental knowledge in the area of robust nutrition technologies. Having completed your education, you will treat food as a source of health, not make a cult of it.

Such thinking changes the quality of your life and your attitude to it. Sound nutrition is sure to bring happiness and joy. The feeling from eating healthy food is marked by the sense of ease, cheerfulness and an exceptional energy drive.

Improve the quality of your life