How many more children like Kayden must die?

Video about doctors failure on saving Kayden Bancroft's life

Kayden Bancroft was 20 months old when he died at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH), following rehashed postponements to the critical medical procedure.

Witnesses claim the trust’s attention was on “swelling” holding up records as opposed to crisis mind. The doctor’s facility conceded that failings incidentally happened.

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You had only one way, until now

According to the World Health Organization, more than 70% of diagnoses in the world are incorrect. Every year millions of people die from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and heart attacks. What terrifies is that these figures continue to grow from year to year.


Treats the cause of disease

Uses organic methods of treatment

Protects you from possible future diseases


Treats symptoms

Sells you synthetic medications

Does everything except for helping you to avoid diseases

Path of MMHealth

Path of MMHealth

Excellent Health. Beautiful Life. Happiness. Longevity.

Why wait until you are knocked back by disease and struggling to cope when being proactive now can make positive changes? Only a few people experience perfect health during their lifes, but why is this the case?

My research has shown that it is because we do not have sufficient knowledge about nutrition and how to live our lives. MMHealth Academy will show you how to do this, becoming an integral part of the natural universe.

There Are Two Categories of People

95% of People

MMHealth - 95% of people are sleeping

Unfortunately, the first category comprises 95% of people. Inherently, these people are not to blame. You never learn knowledge about health in educational establishments.

When a child is born, they issue only a birth certificate. However, why not provide instruction on how to use our physical body properly? When you buy a car, a plasma TV or a coffee grinder, why do you get a manual for these products?

So where is the manual for our body, for the flourishing of our health? There will never be such an instruction just because it is a huge business. Moreover, if you think that you are born 100% healthy, then you are gravely mistaken.

Imagine for an instant how many different pills they produce if modern medicine has studied more than 30 000 diseases by now? Can you feel the financial scope of pharmaceutical corporations? Therefore, this category of people is the target of pharmaceutical companies.

5% of People

The rest 5% of people understand that their health depends on them. They acknowledge that are responsible for own health and that medical establishments of any kind have nothing to do with health.

These people have realised that current medical performance is based on removing the symptoms, not on removing the cause of a disease. Real knowledge about people’s health is hard to find as it is concealed.

Those people do all this who make fabulous profits out of it. Keeping the level of health high during your whole life is impossible without studying dietetics, biophysical, chemical and psychiatric processes inside us.

Excellent health is like buying a house. We create comfort for ourselves, for our family. Just the same, inner purity and body health are necessary for the growth of our soul. However, we give the least thought to it. That is why for most people life just goes by, aside from the happy life of body and soul.

Become the Millionaire of Your Health

Be exceptionally careful. Modern medicine is socially dangerous.


Dr Zalmanov
A famous Russian Doctor of Medicine

After 65 years, this thought of a great Doctor of Medicine is still alive. Despite attempts to conceal it, the academic health science shows more and more signs of inevitable failure. First of all, it is a worldview failure.

Bare materialism lacking any germs of spirituality has led both the science itself and the entire humanity to the ultimate systematic crisis. Now that human health worldwide is subordinate to the market, this facet of the crisis is very obvious.

Your continuous diseases are profitable for the modern medicine. Healing people is a very lucrative business now. This revelation is not just a fantasy of those who fight for a better future.

The US National Cancer Institute’s report officially acknowledges that, during some last decades, a significant number of people who have undergone cancer treatment might have had no disease at all! An expensive treatment with massive consequences which often caused real cancer in healthy people.

Recently, the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has found that the X-Rays wavelength used to treat breast cancer transforms the cells into much more dangerous cancer stem cells which, when treated, will cause 30 times more damage to the patient.

This study has been ordered by the US Government and published in an online version of JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association).

MMHealth - cancer caused over 8 million deaths annually worldwide

According to World Health Organization, since 2008, cancer caused over 8 million deaths annually worldwide.

MMHealth - people dying of cancer annually will increase up to 20 million

According to estimations, by 2020 the number of people dying of cancer annually will increase up to 20 million.

Just think of it – 20 million deaths every year! Not speaking of numbers of those who die of heart attack, stroke, and other disorders. Do you want to be in their number?!

Note that an average life length of US doctors, who guard your health, is 57 years. Think of it – 57 years! Does not it alarm you?!

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