07 Beauty Given by Nature

Our Universe is filled with energy fields that differ in character and radiation intensity. All living beings in existence, from flora to fauna, have their bioenergy field, through which energy connection is maintained.

The only difference between living and non-living is that the first can emit its radiation, while the second cannot do it. Each of us has bioenergy potential. And the more of this energy is contained the person, the more health he has in store.

The laws of nature are formed at macro- and microcosm level, while a human exists among them. A person is limited in his abilities since he only has five organs of senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. More perfect ways of world perception such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and superconscious are inherent but not developed in us.

All living beings in existence, from flora to fauna, have their bioenergy field, through which energy connection is maintained

Each of us has his bio filed. The biofield of healthy people can reach 10 meters. These people seem to emit energy; they are very easy and pleasant to talk to, to have a business together, since you do not feel any unpleasant sensations. You are in a strong positive bioenergy field.

Look at the aura of a healthy person. His aura resembles an inflated balloon, and it glows in greenish or yellowish hues with smooth contours. And now take a look at the aura of a sick person. The aura of this person changes its configuration. There are humps, hollows and gaps, which help to determine the character and stage of the illness. Dark hues prevail in this aura.

MMHealth gives high priority to the rehabilitation of an energy station inside us. This station is capable of producing a massive amount of live energy for maintaining the high level of health and achieving the objectives set in business or creative realisation without using energy drinks (which contain a considerable amount of sugar) or alcohol.

Modern lifestyle leads people further and further away from the laws of nature and exposes them to grave diseases

Our body is a self-regulating system, which has everything for development and rehabilitation of all the processes inside us. It is on the bioenergy level that proper functioning of cell performance is maintained since the cell is an essential building block of our body.

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