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MMHealth Academy Will Show You How to Change Your Life

Take the journey with me. Let us reach the summit together

Only a few people experience perfect health for the whole of their life, but why is this the case? My research has shown that it is because we do not have sufficient knowledge about nutrition and how to live our lives.

Why wait until you are knocked back by disease and struggling to cope when being proactive now can make positive changes? This system will show you how to do this, becoming an integral part of the natural universe.

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On the journey, you will meet the most critical person in your life, namely yourself. Learning about yourself is the key to understanding the universe. Overall, we need to go through 7 steps.

There are two ways to true health: bottom-up – 3 lower-level steps and top-down – 4 upper-level steps. It’s impossible to attain full health if you follow one of the ways only. Their harmonious combination is indispensable! Think of those two ways as the two wings of our health.

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What You Will Learn

There are two ways to true health: bottom-up and top-down

Lower-Level Steps

01 Nutrition

The first step is about learning a proper diet as a source of energy and vital activity of our body. A proper diet provides the source of energy and vitality. We will look at how a lousy food creates health problems, premature ageing and general degradation of your body.

02 Physical Perfection

Step two deals with learning physical perfection. MMHealth focuses on strengthening your physical health and expanding your energy abilities.

03 Nature Gifts

At level three, we will use nature as a tool to clean our body. Just as you care for your car, we will look at how to restore physical functions that enable the organs of our body to work to full capacity.

You could live with one wing only or you could even live without any wings at all; however, you need two wings to fly. I will teach you to fly… fly to your dreams!

Michael Admiralsky
MMHealth Founder

Upper-Level Steps

04 Laws of the Universe

Looking at the influence of cosmic laws which penetrate into every human being and living matter on this planet, we will use this to the full. Unfortunately, this knowledge will never be delivered in state institutions.

05 Beyond the Physical Body

Traditional medicine treats the physical body, but many diseases arise from depleted energy levels. We will look at what is outside of our physical body and study the energies that are delicate and invisible.

06 World Outlook or Illusions

We each have many illusions: an illusion to be conscious; an illusion to be perfect; an illusion to be free; an illusion to be healthy. Our life flows like a dream but to feel the reality we have to abandon this sweet dream.

07 Beauty Given by Nature

Often, from little up, we are imposed subconscious programs which do not match our nature, mindset, and behaviour. We are born with fantastic potential, and we need to examine this to attain full beauty. We need to bring into alignment this gift of nature along with our mindset and behaviour.

There are few people who appreciate their life
And the heaven’s gift they were bestowed.
There are few people whose life aspires high
Into the air to become a universe in this world.

Michael Admiralsky
MMHealth Founder

Health is precious. Why head towards old age struggling like a “car stuck in the mud” when you could be flying through life as free as a bird? Join with me now and discover how amazing you are.