The Formula

Consider a Pattern of Human Health State

The charts below illustrate the status of myself compared to the majority of people in the world

Golden Line

The golden line depicts my current health status.

At the age of 50, you can see that the state of my health in every aspect surpasses own peak life period of 23 – 27 years.

Red Line

Here you can see the path taken by most people who go through life in a zombie-like state with no real destination or meaning to their existence.

Very often they will stumble from one calamity to another, usually suffering until the end of their life, just like a broken machine.

Bifurcation Point

The dividing line between the ability to help yourself and to live in harmony with the environment vs the life where you have no chance of change, trapped in a routine of attending hospitals and pharmacies.

When you face the opportunity to change yourself, you must not oppose it. Most people do, albeit in good faith, usually out of fear or nothing more than laziness.

Green Line

People that fall into this category care about their health and take the time to invest time and effort into their well-being and development.

They usually love life, vivid colours and have a positive attitude. These people are already inspired and well-equipped to achieve their goals. However, even in their case, very often their life is not in line with their full life cosmic predestination.

I Share With You What I Feel Now

  • I don’t feel my body both under different loads and at rest
  • I experience a state of bliss, happiness, joy, and good mood
  • In this state, I can’t locate a position of any organ within my body, because the whole system works accurately and harmoniously
  • This is not just a life, but a state of soaring like a bird in the sky over ordinariness of our life
  • This is a state of youth when all the centres (motor, instinctive, sexual, emotional, intellectual) work at maximum speed
  • This is continuous filling of the entire human body system with vital energy

The Summit

The summit indicates the pursuit of material wealth and financial independence which is an integral part of our life. Many of us waste our most valuable resources, time and health, in doing material things such as buying a house, luxury car, expensive jewellery or designer clothing or enhancing the capital growth in their bank account. The problem with this is that eventually people become entirely dependent upon this base of material goods and making more money becomes the focus of their life.

But can you honestly be rich without health and happiness? We need to seek not only financial independence but also improvement of our health if we are to live life to the full.

According to cosmic laws, we were all created imperfect, and our goal in life is to improve ourselves and our minds, aiming for perfection. We need to work towards changing our perspective of reality. This way your energy levels will increase, your goals will be much more achievable, and you will retain feelings of inner strength, appreciating the beauty of emotions such as love. When you attain this status, you have reached the summit.