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MMHealth EmblemImagine how devastating it is to find out your child has an illness or a disability that could be helped by an operation, treatment or therapy only to find that the UK health service cannot freely provide it for you.

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DonateRebecca McKenna

Has neuroblastoma. Needs expensive surgery.

DonateSuper Logan

Has Hereditary Spastic Parapesis


Has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

Around 4,500 kids and youngsters (aged 0-24) are determined to have cancer each year in the UK. Survival for this group has enhanced in the course of the most recent 40 years, which means today, more kids and youngsters are surviving disease than at any other time.

Rebecca McKenna

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Rebecca was diagnosed with a rare Children’s cancer (Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma) on 31st of January 2018.  The treatment she is on is very intense, given over a 12/18 month period. Rebecca is currently receiving 90 days of Rapid COJEC Chemotherapy. Even after putting her through chemotherapy, countless surgeries and aggressive radiotherapy, the chance of relapse within two years is as high as 80%.

To be eligible for the trial, we need Rebecca to be cancer free for 120 days and raise £140,000 to pay for treatment and costs associated. This is a huge amount to raise and we know it will not be without its difficulties but we have to try.

We ask that you give what you can and to share this page, along with our twitter and instagram to get us as much help as possible: / /

Super Logan

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Logan was diagnosed with Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis. Type SPG30 which is caused by a mutation of the KIF1A gene. SPG30 is a neurodegenerative disease which has most affect on his legs causing him to have a very abnormal and unsteady gait. As his condition is degenerative it means that Logan will get worse over time and there may come a day when he will be no longer able to walk.

Legs isn’t the only thing his condition affects. It also affects his learning capabilities, speech fine motor skills and eye sight. Over time it may also affect his bladder control & hearing.

He is going to need lots of intensive physio if we want him to reach the full potential of his new legs after surgery and unfortunately, the NHS would not provide the amount of physio Logan would ideally need to achieve that.


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Jonty has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy caused by his traumatic arrival, which means he is not able to crawl, walk, stand alone or live a fully independent life. As a result of his physical disabilities, Jonty has to endure many hours of therapy with various professionals.

Whilst all the early therapies have helped, continued expert intervention is essential for Jonty to achieve his potential and live his life to the full. Without it there will be the added complications of contractures and deformities so common in those with Jonty’s type of CP. The expense is considerable and Jonty’s sheer determination drives his family into raising money to ensure he is never left without the treatment and equipment he needs.

He has recently started attending the Footsteps Centre in Oxfordshire where physiotherapists are experts in motivating the children to achieve their best. In his first block of treatment, Jonty made fantastic progress and we would love him to be able to return each year for similar treatment.

The Man Behind This

Michael Admiralsky, MMHealth Founder

Move the mouse pointer over my photo to see how I looked at 35.
No difference? Then let me explain to you why this is the case.

Like most of us, I used to believe that my health and state of well-being would never change. I did expect to remain happy and fit throughout my life.  However, as age started to creep upon me, I realised that my life was changing. The vigour and lustre of youth were waning, and life seemed to be losing some of its beauty.

However, I was not happy to sit back and just let this happen.  I began to consider if there were ways that I could improve my state of health and vitality.  The realisation hit me that only one person in the world takes care of me, and that is myself.  I am responsible for every single thing that happens to me, emotionally and physically.

I compared this to me maintaining and caring for my car, fully believing that at least 95% of people in the world today are driving around with ‘flat tyres’ of the mind and body. Most are blissfully unaware of why this is the case. They have been brainwashed to accept that ageing brings with it a natural decline.

Just as I found out that it is never too late for self-transformation, so you can do the same. I will show you how to take hold of the reins and head towards your right destination. Once you have felt the power of this life-changing experience, you will never want to return to your former self. Walk away from being a consumable material for the powers-that-be and be yourself in all your glory.